We collect here the best monitor manufacturers with a little description why we think these manufacturers the best ones.

A lot of company made monitors – but unfortunately a lot of make low quality models – which made by the same chinese parts.

If you choose from the list below – you will know it is a quality manufacturer!



dell logo

My personal favorite brand, it is not a secret I use just Dell monitors.

I never has a problem with it and the quality of assembly is really great.

If I really want to note some mistake with a few models it is the power button (on/off).

Sometimes it not respond just for the second or third try!



This another famous producer  and the Samsung manufacture a lot of quality electronic product.

As their mobile phones, the monitors of Samsung also has really great quality.

I recommend these monitors so not afraid to buy any Samsung monitor!

samsung logo



The HP is a really big supplier of firms and companies, and that’s why you see a lot of HP computer and monitor there.

HP always pay attention for the quality of their products so that why I recommend this brand also!