Dell U2414H UltraSharp 24″ review

The U2414H  is one of the newest member of Dell’s UltraSharp family.

Currently this monitor has the world’s thinnest border so you can easily create multiple screen arrangement and you almost can not see the borders (as you can see in the picture)

As many Dell monitors this also has 4 USB 3.0 ports. The connectivity provided by the 2 hdmi port, 1 mini and 1 normal display port.

The monitor able to stand, tilt, swivel and also pivot! So it can easily suit for you office or work needs.

The maximum resolution of the monitor is 1920x1080px (full hd).

The maximum refresh rate is 60hz. The monitor use AH-IPS panel which is manufactured by LG. The response rate just 8ms.

Dell U2414H UltraSharp 24"

The backlight technology is W-LED which is a really good one.

The price is $268 – this is a really good price in this segment. And honestly it is exist way more expensive display nowdays (of course with similar specification)

The monitor just 3.61 kg so you can transport really easily.

The viewing angles as good as every monitor which has IPS panel. (you can easily see almost every details from every angle not as when you see the old TN panels)

 My opnion about this display

I really like the design of this monitor I think this will be the trend in the next few years.

I use now the earlier model – and more than I look this new design more I dont like the big border of my old monitor.. 🙂

Anyway the overall perfomance of this monitor is really fit with my needs. I just use photoshop and chrome or maybe watch movies.

Otherwise this kind of IPS monitors not the best choice for gamers as other IPS monitors. The 60hz maximum refresh rate restricts the gamer play just with 60 fps which is not a huge number for gamers.

Apart from this fact this a really great monitor and has really great value for the money if you are not a big gamer.

Dell ofcourse provides 3 year warranty which is really great.

Actually I decided I buy a similiar (or two) this kind of monitor, This will look really great on my work place!