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Why go for IPS Monitor?

The short form for IPS is In-plane switching screen technology which is used in LCD that is liquid crystal displays. This technology is designed to provide a wider angle for viewing with true colors, that is easy on your eyes and the quality of the color and angle remain the same, even if you view it from any angle you like, this is what, is not available in the traditional LCD, which makes the viewing experience limited to a certain angle.

Traditional LCDs have some problems like low-quality color reproduction, high response time and as well as the viewer is depended on the strong viewing angles which are problematic to the viewers, hence it is better that you choose IPS based LCD, if you are planning to buy your next LCD monitor. The display of the IPS LCD monitor has much better color gamut than any of the traditional LCD, because traditional LCD has only 6 bits color representation; whereas IPS monitors has true 8 color bits.

The IPS LCD monitor gives full color reproduction as it has to offer 16.7 million colors, whereas the traditional one has to offer only 65 535 colors; this is one best advantage that you get, if you choose a IPS monitor rather than going for traditional one. If you have work related to images or you like to watch a lot of videos and love to play games, then the IPS LCD monitor will be best for your eyes, as it has got better color accuracy, which goes better with color gamut.

Even the viewing angle in IPS panel is much better than the traditional one, as it has 178-degrees wide angle, whereas the traditional one has got only 15 degrees. 

Now, from the above information, you have got familiar with the benefits of buying a IPS monitor, but from where are you suppose to get it, so that you are able to the best deal? is the answer for it, which is help me a lot when I choose my new monitor, and I think it will help for you too!

This is a website that deals with all the type of IPS monitors only. It is like a one-stop shop for IPS monitors, here you will get a huge number of options to choose from.

Once you log in then, you don’t need to search any other website, as they are the one who will be giving you the best deal to buy a IPS LCD monitor for your home or workplace.

If you want to go for the best ips monitor visit the link, because the best online reviewer site for IPS monitors are waiting for you! 🙂

I think the Dell IPS monitors is the bestDell S2715H IPS monitor

Between the users and fans a lot of controversy happening every time but I truly believe the Dell IPS monitors has the best value for money.

Of course a few manufacturer make better ips displays for four times the price – but if you do not want to throw your money it will be best choice when you buy ips display!

Pick the best monitor for computer – Buying guide

Nowdays is not so easy to choose the best monitor when you want a new one or you just upgrade your computer.

There are a lot of manufacturers and model out there and they says the same: “This is the best monitor!”

monitor buying guide

But you just keep in mind a few important aspect for picking the best one for you:

  • Your needed size

In a decades earlier we was happy with a 17″ monitor but today has other sizes when you buy desktop monitor.

Firstly you need to examine how big is the space where you want to use the monitor.

If you have big space you can choose 27″ monitor or if you have a less space an 23″.

I think you not need smaller monitor than 21″ but I prefer the 23″ size.

It is really great size and the full hd resolution (1920x1080px) look really good (the pixel density is perfect).

If you have enough budget buy a full hd monitor because a lot of movie or youtube video use this resolution, and almost this a default quality of videos everywhere.

  • Your budget (and what kind of panel do you able to buy)

I think you know how big is your budget for this monitor.

This budget decide your future monitor use what kind of panel.

Mostly three different panel exist:

Twisted nematic panels (TN):

This is the cheapest and most common panels. This panel has high refresh rate and ideal for gaming – but the colors and viewing angles not so good.

Vertical alignment (VA) panels:

This the middle option, but they are really rare nowdays. This kind of panel better than TN: has better colors, but it also has problems with viewing angles.

In Plane switching (IPS) panels:

This is the most expensive option but the best panels type. The colors in IPS monitors are the best, and good choose for watching videos or movies or graphic designer works.

It is also good for gaming but the average refresh rate of IPS panels is 60hz. If you are a competitive gamer or you want to game in 3D (which requires 120hz) is not the best option.

But anyway I recommend this!

  • Connections

Also important the connections of monitor. You need to see what kind of connector your computer or laptop has.

Fortunately every kind of converters exist so if you have a normal VGA connectors but your new monitor have just DVI you are not in a big trouble.

You easily buy for couple bucks a converter in Amazon!

This is the 3 key aspects for monitor buying, if you have any question send me an email and I update this post!

Dell U2414H UltraSharp 24″ review

The U2414H  is one of the newest member of Dell’s UltraSharp family.

Currently this monitor has the world’s thinnest border so you can easily create multiple screen arrangement and you almost can not see the borders (as you can see in the picture)

As many Dell monitors this also has 4 USB 3.0 ports. The connectivity provided by the 2 hdmi port, 1 mini and 1 normal display port.

The monitor able to stand, tilt, swivel and also pivot! So it can easily suit for you office or work needs.

The maximum resolution of the monitor is 1920x1080px (full hd).

The maximum refresh rate is 60hz. The monitor use AH-IPS panel which is manufactured by LG. The response rate just 8ms.

Dell U2414H UltraSharp 24"

The backlight technology is W-LED which is a really good one.

The price is $268 – this is a really good price in this segment. And honestly it is exist way more expensive display nowdays (of course with similar specification)

The monitor just 3.61 kg so you can transport really easily.

The viewing angles as good as every monitor which has IPS panel. (you can easily see almost every details from every angle not as when you see the old TN panels)

 My opnion about this display

I really like the design of this monitor I think this will be the trend in the next few years.

I use now the earlier model – and more than I look this new design more I dont like the big border of my old monitor.. 🙂

Anyway the overall perfomance of this monitor is really fit with my needs. I just use photoshop and chrome or maybe watch movies.

Otherwise this kind of IPS monitors not the best choice for gamers as other IPS monitors. The 60hz maximum refresh rate restricts the gamer play just with 60 fps which is not a huge number for gamers.

Apart from this fact this a really great monitor and has really great value for the money if you are not a big gamer.

Dell ofcourse provides 3 year warranty which is really great.

Actually I decided I buy a similiar (or two) this kind of monitor, This will look really great on my work place!