If you are a college student planning to buy a laptop, there are certain features that are highly important for you. Let us find those features to look for.

Not just for new students entering their college life, but also for those returning to their college life after a break, a laptop is something essential these days, just like school Id and textbooks. When you say campus life, it just does not include school work alone, but it encompasses all sorts of extra-curricular activities like video chatting, gaming, posting of photos, listening to music, watching movies, networking with friends, etc.

When it comes to the best laptop for college students, it should last for a long haul and it should last for four years of college life without any hassle. Luckily you have come to the right place to identify the ideal laptops suitable for college students. Before actually finding the names of laptops, let us first understand the things you should look for when investing on a laptop at this stage of your life:

Easily transportable:

The most important point to look for is that the laptop should be easily transportable. When you will be moving from one place to another to attend different classes at your college, this portability is of high importance. In short, it should weigh less and the maximum weight you can choose is 3.5 pounds and it would be better, if the system weighs less than this number for easy transportability.

Powerful and quick:

Only when the laptop is powerful and quick, you can quickly take notes or can quickly browse the web for gathering certain details swiftly when you in the middle of the class. When it comes to these two things, you will have to consider the processor. Even though, nowadays, Core i7 processor is available, being a student, you can opt for the system with Intel Core i5 processor, which will speed enough and will show up good performance.


As you will have to swiftly handle things and you might be in need of quickly take notes at certain instances, it is better to go for a system with both touch and keyboard capabilities. When you can quickly turn the laptop into a touch version tablet, you can handle the works easily.


As you will have to manage all your expenses related to textbooks, college fee, costumes and many other things, it would be better when you choose a laptop with affordability, besides bringing you the above-mentioned features.

A few suitable laptops:

Now, you know the features to look for when investing on a laptop for your college use. Here is the list of top 3 systems that can rightly meet your requirements:

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch:

This 13-inch system from Apple is easily transportable and it weighs just 2.96 pounds. When it comes to speed and performance, it comes with Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz Processor and Mac OS X operating system. Memory is also good at 4GB LPDDR3 and the cost is also less than 1000 US Dollars.

Great Hybrid Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

This 12.3 inch tablet can be swiftly converted into laptop and it comes with 3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The nine hours battery life promised by Microsoft is attractive for college students. Weight is just 3.5 Pounds and Windows 10 Pro will help you work swiftly.

Dell XPS 13:

This is yet another system suitable for college students with a weight of just 2.8 pounds. This system has Windows 10 operating system and a memory of 8GB LPDDR3. The Intel Core i5 Processor will make your working easier and powerful.

We hope with these models and  informations we could help in your choice!

You can decide on any of these top three systems to handle your college life without any hassle whatsoever.

* Our source was a great Youtube video which helped us to collect the best laptops for college – check out the link our watch the video here: